Serialization to a CDaoRecordset field 
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 Serialization to a CDaoRecordset field

I would like to serialize an object to an OLE object field of a JET table.
Is this possible? Do you know how to do it? If so I would be so
appreciative if you could send me some sample code or point me to the
right direction. I have been digging through my MSDN Oct96 CD and have not
found an explanation of how this is done. I've been working on this
problem for many days. Below I have given an overview of what I have come
up with so far.. and then the actual code I have written. Please help if
you can.


     class CAnimal : public Cobject
         |      (CAnimal::Serialize writes to a CArchive
        \|/      associated with a CMemFile)
     CArchive arcMy;
     CMemFile mfMy;
         |    pbMy = mfMy.Detach;
         |    (CMemFile::Detach obtains a pointer to the memory block)
     BYTE* pbMy;                
         |   (???? This is unknown. I need to get the block of memory
         |     pointed to by pbMy into a COleVariant so that it can be
         |    written to a field of a CDaoRecordset with ::SetFieldValue.
         |    Ive tried unsuccesfully to set BSTR = a copy of *pbMy with
        \|/     SysAllocString. Please help me here.
     COleVariant vntOLE;
         |    (rstMy.SetFieldValue(1, &vntOLE))
     CDaoRecordset rstMy;    


     //create the object and set one member variable
     CAnimal aniMy;

     //write the object to a CMemFile
     CMemFile mfMy;
     CArchive arcMy(&mfMy, CArchive::store);

     //detach the block of memory of the CMemFile
     BYTE* pbmfMy;
     pbmfMy = mfMy.Detach();

     //failing attempt to copy the block of memory to a new COleVariant.
     COleVariant vntOle;                        
     vntOle.vt = VT_BSTR;                      
     LPCTSTR lpszMy;
     lpszMy = pbmfMy;   <-- This fails to compile
     vntOle.bstrVal = SysAllocString(*lpszMy);  <--This fails to compile

     //set a field of a CDaoRecordset to contain the COleVariant
     prstMy->SetFieldValue(1, &vntOLE);

     //free the BSTR
     SysFreeString(*lpszMy); <--This fails to compile

Michael J. Freeman

Thu, 08 Jul 1999 03:00:00 GMT  
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