Create a RecordSet within a RecordSet in VC++ ?? 
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 Create a RecordSet within a RecordSet in VC++ ??


I'm having problems creating a recordset within a recordset in VC.
Here's what I do:

#import "msado15.dll" rename("EOF", "adoEOF")

ADODB::_RecordsetPtr rs = NULL;
ADODB::_RecordsetPtr rsItem2 = NULL;
ADODB::FieldPtr fld = NULL;
ADODB::_RecordsetPtr rsDummy = NULL;

rs->Fields->Append(L"Item1", (ADODB::DataTypeEnum)adBSTR, adBSTR,
rs->Fields->Append(L"Item2", (ADODB::DataTypeEnum)adVariant, adVariant,
rs->Open(L"", vtMissing, (ADODB::CursorTypeEnum)adOpenUnspecified,
(ADODB::LockTypeEnum)adLockUnspecified, adCmdUnspecified);

rs->Fields->Item["Item1]->Value = _com_util::ConvertStringToBSTR("Some value
for Item1");

// Create a new recordset for item 2
rsDummy->Fields->Append(L"Item2Array", (ADODB::DataTypeEnum)adBSTR, adBSTR,
rsDummy->Open(L"", vtMissing, (ADODB::CursorTypeEnum)adOpenUnspecified,
(ADODB::LockTypeEnum)adLockUnspecified, adCmdUnspecified);

rs->Fields->Item["Item2"]->Value = (_variant_t)rsDummy;

fld = rs->Fields->Item["Item2"];
rsItem2 = fld->Value;

rsItem2->Fields->Item["Item2Array]->Value =
_com_util::ConvertStringToBSTR("Some value for Item2");

It goes wrong at line 'rsItem2 = fld->Value;', the following error is given
'The object invoked has disconnected from its clients.'.
When I do all of this in VB, it goes OK.

Hope that anyone has an idea how I can solve this.



Tue, 14 Aug 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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