ADO/ATL: What's wrong... 
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 ADO/ATL: What's wrong...

Any hint would be appreciated...
It's my very first application in ADO and ATL. I'm developing a
multi-tier app that uses an Access database. Client and middle-tier are
written in Visual C++6. The middle-tier is represented by a DLL made in
ATL Wizard. The client is in a form of dialog and it initializes its
controls through OnInitDialog member function. When I try to fill in a
few controls (combo boxes and lists) with datas from the database my
application shows some strange behaviour.

BOOL CFaktura::OnInitDialog()

        ////Initialization of controls


 IGCExpoPack *pl;
 HRESULT hr=CoCreateInstance(CLSID_GCExpoPack,NULL,

 _bstr_t Query("SELECT * FROM Komp WHERE Type='Comp'");





It all works well until ExecuteCommand() function. It's just a wrapper
for ADO Execute method and it returns a Recordset.
The strange thing is that it executes well only if I put something like
that AfxMessageBox method... Otherwise SUCCEEDED(hr) macro fails.
Is it a matter of time that COM component requires or what?
Any idea?

Tue, 04 Mar 2003 03:00:00 GMT  
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