ISAPI & CRecordset "Connection Pooling" Problem 
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 ISAPI & CRecordset "Connection Pooling" Problem

I have run into a serious problem:

I don't see a solution for using CRecordset in an isapi extension to access
my SQL-server database. With "connection pooling" turned on (how do you turn
it off?) I get a message telling me that I must disable the information box
which pops up if a user has not entered all the account information
(noOdbcDialog). This is not possible with CRecordset. (I looked at the code)

So I did the following:

 DataBase = (CDatabase *) new CDatabase;


  // now create and attach to recordset
  // CServiceDB is CRecordset derived

  ServiceDB = (CServiceDB *) new CServiceDB(DataBase);

  Ret = ServiceDB->Open();

If I don't "open" the CRecordest class I get an Assert telling me the record
is still closed.
If I open it I get a message that the recordset is "read only" when I add a
record. I is not read only!

Any help is much appreciated.

-Andrew T.

Fri, 02 Feb 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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