Error with SQLExtendedSelect 
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 Error with SQLExtendedSelect

Hello All!

I am currently working on a bug that we are having with our
development project.

We are using an Access 7.0 database with the latest ODBC drivers
downloaded form Microsoft - all with VC++ 4.2 on Windows 95.

I am not real familiar with the general framework of ODBC stuff in
MFC, however - I am using BoundsChecker pro to help narrow some stuff

Using the following call Bounds checker pro is detecting a spot where
the data allocated for m_rgRowStatus is being overwritten with more
bytes than allocated. (Allocated bytes is 2 , Written bytes is 4). The
call states that only one row is being fetched (in pdwRowsFetched),
but either the status for two rows is being returned, or it is
returning a double word instead of one word as it is supposed to. I
believe that becuase dynamic memory is getting overritten, it is
causing some pretty {*filter*} access violations later on.

If anyone has any suggestions on what we may be doing wrong, or what
microsoft is doing wrong, I would sure appreciate it!!

RETCODE CRecordset::FetchData(UWORD wFetchType, SDWORD nRow,
        DWORD* pdwRowsFetched)
        RETCODE nRetCode;

 // stuff ommitted
                AFX_ODBC_CALL(::SQLExtendedFetch(m_hstmt, wFetchType,
                        nRow, pdwRowsFetched, m_rgRowStatus));

// more stuff ommitted  

        return nRetCode;


Thanks much,

Kelly McDonald

Mon, 28 Jun 1999 03:00:00 GMT  
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