HELP!! Couldn't find Installable IISAM 
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 HELP!! Couldn't find Installable IISAM


I am developing a database-oriented program using the Microsoft Jet 3.0 engine through the MFC DAO
To import data from other apps I have linked their dBase- and FoxPro dbf files into MS Acces95
(i.e. You can manipulate the tables like normal access-tables, but the data still resides in the
external dbf's).

When I try to read the tables at runtime, I update the links with CDaoTableDef::SetConnect() and

This goes well on our NT development workstations, but on our windows95 test-pc's, these functions
return an error.

When I try to open these tables through access95, I get the famous message:
"Couldn't find Installable IISAM".
So I think, this wrong/not installed IISAMs are the same problem as in our app.

So, what should my Installshield-setup do to install these IISAM-drivers, in order to get our app
to work correctly?

Joris Alkema

Domus Software

Sat, 10 Jul 1999 03:00:00 GMT  
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