Help - Locking issue in sql server 2k in 6.5 comp mode 
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 Help - Locking issue in sql server 2k in 6.5 comp mode

I am having an issue and figured this was the best place
to post it. Hopefully someone out there can help.

We have an internal application that uses DB-Library to
handle database communications. One of the things we do
is use a function dbtabbrowse for running queries in
browse mode. Doing this allows us to update the record
sets that are generated by a select statement. What we're
seeing is that the initial select statement, that
retrieves the record set, blocks the update statement,
that is called after the select statement has returned
with the record set. This blocking issue is causing havoc
within our system since the query never returns. Has
anyone ever experienced this problem? If so, is there a
fix for it that doesn't require a major application
Any help is greatly appreciated.

Mon, 07 Nov 2005 03:09:12 GMT  
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