Customer databases with misplaced patient infomation 
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 Customer databases with misplaced patient infomation

Dear All:

Recently, we had a database from a customer in Wennipeg in which three
patients take the names of other patients in the database. While
examining and correcting the database, reports of similar problem from
two other customers surfaced. Becuase of the serious nature of the
problem, I was instructed to look into this matter.

I checked the Wennipeg database, and also a database Geff got earlier
from a customer in Ottawa. I reexamined the logic behind importing into
and exporting out the database. After days of painful struggle, I still
cannot find anything that may suggest the cause of the problem. My lack
of success could be due to the fact that I am somewhat preconditioned to
approach the problem with the intended logic. I believe you guys are
more open minded than I do. By presenting the problem here to you, I
hope you can point me to some new direction. Thanks a lot in advance if
you can give some thought on this.


The logic I am conditioned to:

Start a new study:
        From NwDb
                NwDb simply launches Wave.
        From Wave:
                The patient info dialog appears. After collecting
pateint demographic data, Wave passes the data to Storage.

Durings the study:
        Patient demographic data can be modified using the Edit - Study
Info menu command.

End the study:
        Storage saves the patient demographic data into the .eeg file.
Storage starts NwDb which in turn imports the newly completed study into
the database. Specifically,     NwDb check if there is a key
"Info.Name.PatientID" ("Info.Name,PatientGUID" in MS SQL server
database). For a new study, this key is not in the .eeg file, so a new
patient record, and consequently a new patient ID, are created in the
database. This patient ID is kept in the "ResidualKt" field of the
pateint table.

Review a study:
        NwDb prepares the patient and study IDs of the selected study
and pass these IDs for the database to recreate the .eeg file. When
recreate this file, the patient ID is   saved under the
"Info.Name.PatientID" key. The database relies on the existence of this
key to update the patient info data when the review is completed.  

Start a new study for a returning patient:
        NwDb exports and recreates the .eeg file from the database. It
passes the .eeg file to Wave, which presents the patient demographic
data in the patient info dialog.        The user can edit the data in
this dialog. The edited data will be reflected in the existing study's
patient info, as well as the new study's.

The databases I checked:

Database from Ottawa Hospital

StudyID PatientID       CreationTime    FilePath
AcquisitionInstrument   Duration        
88      192     7/7/00 1:30:07 PM       000881 Mordak, Waldema_GUID
Eeg-2   1412263
89      193     7/10/00 8:57:23AM       000883 Gour, Marcel_GUID
Eeg-2   28505  
90      192     7/10/00 8:59:18AM       000882 Morrison, Darle_GUID
Eeg-1   4312802
91      193     7/10/00 9:53:10AM       000884 Sousa, Humbert_GUID
Eeg-2   1260234

    PatientID   LastName        FirstName              
192     000882 Morrison Darlene        
193     000883 Sousa    Humberto                

Database from Wennipeg Hospital

StudyID PatientID       CreationTime    FilePath
AcquisitionInstrument   Duration        
1537    1473    8/31/00 10:34:57am      Baron, Christopher_GUID Eeglab4
1538    1474    8/31/00 10:45:32am      Jackson, Robert_GUID    Eeglab1
1539    1473    8/31/00 12:29:43pm      Wolf, Peter_GUID        Eeglab5
1540    1474    8/31/00 1:14:29pm       Hiderbrand, Lynn_GUID   Eeglab4

1576    1507    9/5/00 3:21:37pm        Morrison, Jane_GUID     Emubed1
1582    1507    9/6/00 10:59:56am       Pettigrew, Tina_GUID    Eeglab5

    PatientID   LastName        FirstName              
1473    Baron   Christopher            
1474    Hilderbrand     Lynn            
1507    Pettigrew       Tina            

Sat, 08 Mar 2003 03:00:00 GMT  
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