Help wanted on DLL used as SQL Server xp 
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 Help wanted on DLL used as SQL Server xp

Hi, everyone,

I need some help on SQL Server Extended Stored Procedure.

I need call an Extended Stored Procedure (xp) in a trigger
when a record was updated in a SQL Server table. This xp
will send a message to a remote machines (AS/400) data

Ive created the C++ program and put the compiled DLL in
SQL70\Bin. The program name is xp_send.dll and the
function name is xp_send.

I add it to SQL Server by these commands in SQL Analyzer:
sp_addextendedproc 'xp_send', 'XP_SEND.DLL'
When I try the function in SQL Analyzer like this, it
works fine:
exec xp_send 'S10146FD', 'YUANA/CRMQUE', '00107Just a test

But when I put it in trigger like this, it acts strange.

The problem is:
1. When I update the table directly (that should fire the
trigger), the process will freeze the Windows. We can see
[not responding] in task manager.
2. When I open trace in SQL Server Enterprise Manager, the
application may show an error in the trace when first
start. After that, stop the Database and restart it, then
the program running well in most time. Why that happens?

Tue, 23 Dec 2003 22:32:50 GMT  
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