Please help! DAO question 
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 Please help! DAO question

I'm really stuck.  I would appreciate any comments whatsoever!

I've created a recordset that stores my customers from my "CUST" table.
This DaoRecordSet has all of the field names and members of the CUST table
automatically inserted into it when I add a class and select CDaoRecordSet
as its base class.  I prepared my DaoRecordSet opening string like this:

  str="SELECT NAME ";

The fields CUST.ID and ORDERINFO.SHIPNO are linked with referential
integrity set & cascading updates and deletes (so they are definitely
compatible fields).

When the recordset opens (initializes with its open function), I get the
following error message:

"GetRows failed.  The requested column is not a member of the recordset."

I don't understand what's going wrong... once again, if you feel you could
say anything about this, please do not hesitate...   I appreciate all the
help I can get!

... and thanks a bundle,

Tue, 30 Jan 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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