Can I access an access (mdb) file within DOS 
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 Can I access an access (mdb) file within DOS


My question:

Can I access an ACCESS (*.MDB) File with DOS
I've MS VC++ V1.5


Mon, 01 Mar 2004 01:08:27 GMT  
 Can I access an access (mdb) file within DOS
You would need something like the ADO SDK or DAO SDK. I
don't know if either of them are compatible with older
versions of VC++. In MFC 4.0 there are built in DAO
classes that encapsulate the functionality of
opening/editing MDB files. You would set up your project
as a console app, and link it to the MFC dll and include
the appropriate header files. That's about all I can tell
you, I'm not familiar with VC++ 1.5

Tue, 02 Mar 2004 03:22:37 GMT  
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