Can't open database file unless filed count matches 
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 Can't open database file unless filed count matches

I have a Microsoft Access file named Myfile.mdb.

I am using the following code to see if the file has the correct number of

CDaoRecordset set;
CDaoTableDef ( set.m_pDatabase);
int nFieldCount = daoTable.GetFieldCount();    // check for correct count

I have recently added a field (or column) to Myfile.mdb, thus yielding a
correct count of six fields.

I am using GetFieldCount() to determine if a 'new' file is being used. The
old version of Myfile.mdb had only five fields.

Here's the problem.
I had hoped to be able to open the older files (with one less field), then
add the new field with CreateField(). But I get a try/catch CDaoException
indicating I have one too few columns in the file I am trying to open.

Does anyone know how I can open these older files to make my application
backward compatible for my customers? In other words, I want to open the
older Myfile.mdb files and if they have five fields, then one will be added
with CreateField().

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Sun, 30 Nov 2003 08:35:45 GMT  
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