Having trouble with Crystal Reports for Visual C++ 
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 Having trouble with Crystal Reports for Visual C++


I am trying to use Crystal Reports to display some data from a
database.  I am having a lot of trouble telling it which records to
display.  I have a table consisting of StudentID's and SchoolID's.  So
a student can be asociated with many schools.  Like this.

StudentID       SchoolID
---------               --------
1               42
1               345
1               211
2               345
2               101
3               73
3               21
3               15
3               41
4               300

StudentID and SchoolID are the Primary key's of other tables.

In Crystal Reports, I want to display information on all of the
Schools asociated with a certain student.  I am having some...
troubles.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you.

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