Where to put the code? 
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 Where to put the code?

Where to put the code?

I'm playing around with VC++ 6.0 and its database access.  I created a
simple database app using ODBC and the default MFC template.

First I created a System DSN entry to the database I wanted (MS Access).  I
then used MFC AppWizard (exe) to create my frame work.  SDI for the document
support.  Database view without file support. I didn't need the
serialization..  Data Source ODBC and selected my DSN entry..Snapshot was
also selected. Then the defaults the rest of the way.

I have succesfully been able to Display the data on the dialog and mapped
the Edit Boxes with the required fields and the previous/next arrow icons
work just fine.   I have even added a combo box for "sort" options and an
edit box for additional SQL query statments to scan the database.

Now my question/problem:  I would like to add some static displays such as:
Rec [ 1 ] of [150].  I am able to figure out what record I currently have
and the total number in the list.  I even know how to update the static
objects.  My problem is I have no clue where to put this code.  Every place
I put it doesn't update the dialog.  I have made sure to use the
UpdateData(FALSE)  to make sure everything has been written to the dialog.
When the prev/next icons are used and right before the dialog is update I
would like to adjust these static objects.

Any and all help would be greatly appricated.


David D. Cruger

Fri, 26 Jul 2002 03:00:00 GMT  
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