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I have experienced this sort of thing and finally figured out the

If double buffering is turned off, ie, bcachefield....... (forget the exact
spelling) then you have to assign the new value, call SefFieldDirty, then
call SetFieldNull(....., FALSE) for each field that will contain new data.
Anything else produces the symptom you describe.


> Hello,

> I'am using VC++ 4.0 and ODBC.
> I wrote a routine which does something like DDX_FiledText. But it uses
> CRichEditCtrl instead of CEdit.

> It works fine when there is something in the database field. But if it
> is null before, the new contents are not saved.

> A portion of the code is below

> void CWiView::StreamRichEdit(CRichEditCtrl& pEdit, BOOL bSave,
>    CString& pqt) //pqt is the variable which holds the                         contents of the
> field  
> {
>    es.dwCookie = (DWORD)(LPCTSTR) pqt ;

>         if (bSave)
>         {
>                es.pfnCallback = EditStreamOutCallback;
>               num = pEdit.StreamOut(SF_RTF, es);
>                // At this stage pqt holds the new value in the field
>                        // This setfieldnull does not seem to work.
>                m_pSet->SetFieldNull(&pqt,FALSE) ;  

>            }

>    ...

> Any ideas?

> Can Celik

Thu, 01 Jul 1999 03:00:00 GMT  
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