Win98 (Chin) Vs Win98 (Eng) 
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 Win98 (Chin) Vs Win98 (Eng)

My program is wrttien by VC++ and using Sybase Adaptive
Server Anywhere as database.

When I try to load a table from my database, it is ok if I
use WIN98(ENG) as OS. But if I use the same program to run
in Windows98 (Chinese) version, the program will crash!
The data in the database is purely english by the time
now. But the problem still exist.

After debug, I found that the program stops in C:\Program
Files\Microsoft Visual Studio\VC98\MFC\SRC\Dbcore.cpp
in the function
BOOL CRecordset::Open(UINT nOpenType, LPCTSTR lpszSQL,
DWORD dwOptions)
and the line  
I dunno whats the difference between 98 Chinese movenext
and 98 english movenext !


Wed, 05 Jan 2005 09:46:00 GMT  
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