Parameterized query 
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 Parameterized query

I want to use parameterized query.
Is it possible to specify as a parameter variable of class
I am using MSSQL and the field there has type: datetime;

If I specify only the first 2 param. everiting is working,
if I add the third param, return error!!!

Example source:

CReqDB m_ReqSet; //CRecordset
m_ReqSet.m_strFilter =
     "used = ? and serialnumber > ? and init_time < ?";
m_ReqSet.m_usedParam = 1;
m_ReqSet.m_serialnumber = "100000000002";
m_ReqSet.m_init_timeParam = CTime::GetCurrentTime();


if (!m_ReqSet.IsEOF())
        CString strShow = m_ReqSet.m_serialnumber;





Mon, 23 Aug 2004 20:16:17 GMT  
 Parameterized query

I solve it!
Actually the source code was correct,
except the fact I was set m_nParams=2.
I changed it to m_nParams=3.
And It works!

Tue, 24 Aug 2004 07:40:29 GMT  
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