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 ODBC, CRecordset & CTime

I'm having trouble retrieving time fields from an Access database using
ODBC and CRecordset. Every time I retrieve a time, I get the same
result: 7 PM. Dates and other fields are retrieving sucessfully. I
really have no idea why I am always getting the same result. I am
working with a very small test database and there is no time field in
the database set to 7 PM.

This is what I've got in the DoFieldExchange function:
        // Columns
        RFX_Long(pFX, _T("[MeetingID]"), m_meetingID);
        RFX_Date(pFX, _T("[Date]"), m_date);
        RFX_Date(pFX, _T("[EndTime]"), m_endTime);
        RFX_Text(pFX, _T("[Comments]"), m_comments);
        RFX_Text(pFX, _T("[Location]"), m_location);
        RFX_Text(pFX, _T("[Subject]"), m_subject);
        RFX_Text(pFX, _T("[Requester]"), m_requester);
        RFX_Text(pFX, _T("[Status]"), m_status);
        RFX_Date(pFX, _T("[StartTime]"), m_startTime);

        // Parameters
        RFX_Text(pFX, "UserIDParam", m_userIDParam);
        RFX_Date(pFX, "DateParam", m_dateParam);

m_endTime and m_startTime are of type CTime.

I access the records from outside the recordset object with the
following code, where myMeetingListSet is an instance of my subclass of

        myMeetingListSet.m_dateParam = date;

        myMeetingListSet.Open(); // Perform query

        // Package data
        while ( !myMeetingListSet.IsEOF() ) // Loop for all records
                currentMeeting.m_meetingID =
                currentMeeting.m_date = myMeetingListSet.m_date;
                currentMeeting.m_endTime = myMeetingListSet.m_endTime;
                currentMeeting.m_comments = myMeetingListSet.m_comments;
                currentMeeting.m_location = myMeetingListSet.m_location;
                currentMeeting.m_subject = myMeetingListSet.m_subject;
                currentMeeting.m_requester =
                currentMeeting.m_status = myMeetingListSet.m_status;
                currentMeeting.m_startTime =

                // Add meeting to list

                printf("Meeting start time = %s<BR>\n",
                   myMeetingListSet.m_startTime.Format("%I:%M %p"));

                myMeetingListSet.MoveNext(); // Move to next record

The printf statement above is for debugging purposes. I have tried
checking the value of both myMeetingListSet.m_startTime and
currentMeeting.m_startTime. Both give me 7 PM.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance,

Mark Ferreira

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Thu, 16 May 2002 03:00:00 GMT  
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