Oracle 8 blob field - CRecordset binding 
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 Oracle 8 blob field - CRecordset binding

Env. : Win NT4 (sp3) + VC++ 5 (sp3) + IE4 + Oracle 8.0.3 for NT


I'm migrating a MFC app working with a SQL Server database to an Oracle 8
database and I'm trying to create a derived CRecordset class on a table
from an Oracle 8 server. This table contains a BLOB field I want to bind.

- Witch MFC type do I have to use for the CRecordset member variable ?

- I have also tried to do that binding with classwizard but the wizard
display "INVALID" in the type listbox for that field. What's wrong ?

I've also another practical question :

- Where can I found information (white papers, web sites, newsgroups, )
on Oracle 8 development with Visual C++ 5 using the MFC odbc classes
(CDatabase and CRecordset) ?

Rem :
- I can't use the LONG RAW oracle type instead of BLOB because I need at
least two binary columns in the same table (witch is impossible with LONG
- I've done these tests with the Oracle ODBC Driver (ver. 8.00.0300) and
with the Microsoft ODBC driver for Oracle (ver. 2.00.006325).


Thanks in advance.
Gaetano Di Gregorio.
Please remove "123" at the beginning and at the end
of my email to get the real adress.

Fri, 11 Aug 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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