VC++, [ODBC SQL Server Driver], Function sequence error 
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 VC++, [ODBC SQL Server Driver], Function sequence error

Hi all your happy people!

If I use ACCES ODBC Driver then evrything is OK, but I receive these errors
when I try to connect to a SQL7 database.

Error: failure updating record.
Function sequence error
State:S1010,Native:0,Origin:[Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver]
ERROR:  -1: Function sequence error

Here is a short description of my program flow:
At the beginning of my Log Thread I open the Database.  I then open the
tables as I receive them and keep them in a CObjectList.  Thus will I only
open the database and tables once in my program.  I will receive the Log
entries via a SetEvent wakeup call in another CObjectList.  I then
BeginTrans(), AddNew() fill in the fields, Update(), CommitTrans() for the
each new Log entry.  I will close the Table and database on program exit.

But, on the second Update() for a table, I get this 'sequence' error!  I
upgraded to MDAC2.6 using the SQL2000 Driver with the same result....

Here is my code, I left all the safe stuff out:

/ these functions execute once
   pThis->m_dbDataBase.OpenEx(szDSN, CDatabase::noOdbcDialog)

    // Create a RecordSet and add it to the List
    prsCTelemetry = new CTelemetrySet(&pThis->m_dbDataBase);
    nResult = prsCTelemetry->Open( CRecordset::dynaset, pLogMsg->m_szTable,

/////////////////////// I do this for every transaction
   // Begin the transaction

   // Prepare the new record

   // Get the TagName
   prsCTelemetry->m_szTagName = pLogMsg->m_szTagName;
   // Get the values
   prsCTelemetry->m_dblValue = pLogMsg->m_dValue;

////////////// This is where I get the Exception error
   // Push it to the Database

   // And Commit the transaction

///////////// This I do on exit

  delete prsCTelemetry;
  prsCTelemetry = NULL;

  pThis->m_dbDataBase.Close( );

Fri, 02 May 2003 03:00:00 GMT  
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