Problem with COM Event Callback 
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 Problem with COM Event Callback

I have a COM client that uses ATL and MFC.  I have a COM
server that is written in VB.  I have no problem accessing
COM objects or getting callbacks via Connection Points.
But in my callback functions I cannot access methods or
properties using interface pointers that are returned.
There appears to be a stack problem as I get the infamous
"line 42 chkesp.c" message.

I've seen this problem reported in other forums but never
a solution.  There are suggestions that MFC and COM use
different calling conventions (stdcall vs. cdecl) but never
a clear statement about why this causes the problem or
suggestion for how to fix the problem.  I'm sure there are
hundreds of ATL/MFC/COM clients to VB COM servers in the
world.  Anyone seen this problem and found a fix for it?


Dennis Vogel
Avaya, Inc.

Tue, 01 Jul 2003 00:28:37 GMT  
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