Howto call a MMC Property Page Extending from a Dialog 
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 Howto call a MMC Property Page Extending from a Dialog


I have created a Property Page Extending for an
Objectclass in Visual C++, using the ATL Snap-In Object
Assistent. That Property Page is used in the MMC "Active
Directory Users and Computers" Snap-In to show the
Properties of an Object.

Now I want to call this Property Page from a ATL Dialog
that is called from a "Active Directory Users and
Computers" Snap-In Contextmenu Extending.

Up to now I only found the functions OleCreatePropertyFrame
() and OleCreatePropertyFrameIndirect() to call Property
Pages. But that Functions call the Function Activate() and
not CreatePropertyPages(). So I must use the ATL
PropertyPage Object Assistent to create the Property
Pages. But this Pages will not be called, if the user
clicks on Propertys of the Object. So I have to make two
Property Pages. That is not what I really want!!!

So, can Someone explane me, how I can call the Property
Page, created with the ATL Snap-In Object Assistent?

Would be great :-)

Tue, 07 Jun 2005 18:26:41 GMT  
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