IE toolband, KBBar??? 
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 IE toolband, KBBar???

I have IE toolband written in C++ with combined ATL and MFC code. There are
2 main classes: ATL base level band object that implements the two core
interfaces of toolbands (IInputObject and IDeskband) and CMyToolBarCtrl
(MFC) an override of the MFC CToolBarCtrl class that encapsulates the
creation of the buttons. On first showing of my toolbar everything looks OK,
but problem is that when another IE window gets open or if IE gets restarted
my toolbar is missing some buttons. I tried changing number of buttons but
it looks like my toolbar is limited to the same width.I tried changing
DESKBANDINFO but it didn't do any good. My toolbar is sample IE toolband
(KBBar.exe) from MSDN with added buttons.

Tue, 28 Oct 2003 05:39:01 GMT  
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