Is this a bug of "module" attribute? 
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 Is this a bug of "module" attribute?

When I use module attribute in ATL project alone, as generated by the
[ module(dll, uuid= "{ .... }", name="Foo", resource_name="IDR_FOO" ];

Compiler injects two macros in the generated class:
class CFooModule: public CAtlDllModule<CFooModule>


But if the module attribute is applied to my own class, like this:
[ module(dll, uuid= "{ .... }", name="Foo", resource_name="IDR_FOO" ]
class CMyFooModule


Compiler injects only one macro in my class:
class CMyFooModule: public CAtlDllModule<CMyFooModule>


That makes "resource_name" param in "module" attribute useless when applied
to a class.  Is this a BUG?  I hope this is not a "feature"....


Wed, 08 Sep 2004 17:15:10 GMT  
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