Customization of the XML parsing in a web service 
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 Customization of the XML parsing in a web service

I would like to be able to somehow hook my code in the parsing process.

Here is the scenario: a web service accepts SOAP message where the
parameters (in and out) could be quite complex XML messages that are pretty
hard to describe in C++ arrays and structs (lots of choices, patterns
matching, etc.).  For now my solution is to pass strings that are in fact
XML documents and work it from there but it just doesn't feel right, does
it?  The ideal solution would be to somehow hook my code in the parsing
process (in terms of IXMLContentHandler perhaps) and when the parsing is
finished and the method code is invoked instead of BSTR to pass VARIANT or
IUnknown which somehow reflects the complex XML document.  Of course I would
like to be able to do the same in the other direction - to return objects
that can be serialized as XML.

Needless to say that the passed in/out XML documents will be validated
against an existing schema.

Val Melamed

Sun, 13 Nov 2005 08:59:53 GMT  
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