Could not use atlcontrols.h from VS.NET 
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 Could not use atlcontrols.h from VS.NET


when I include atlcontrols.h to VS.NET's atl project, some error
which said
d:\Test\AtlCon\atlcontrols.h(1214) : error C2065: '_Module' :
undeclared identifier
d:\Test\AtlCon\atlcontrols.h(1214) : error C2228: left of
'.GetModuleInstance' must have class/struct/union type
d:\Test\AtlCon\atlcontrols.h(1220) : error C2228: left of
'.GetModuleInstance' must have class/struct/union type

anybody know how to solve this problem?

thanks in advance

Mon, 16 Aug 2004 18:12:38 GMT  
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