Showing a custom toolbar band (in IE) after installation 
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 Showing a custom toolbar band (in IE) after installation

How do I ensure that my custom toolbar band, after installation, is shown.
That after installing there is need to go to View>Toolbars>MyBand and
manually checks it. This is very confusing for users, because they don't se
any result on installing my band. I belive that only few would go reading a
readme.txt file to see that in order see the band, they have to check the

Thanks, Mitja Semoli

Fri, 20 Feb 2004 16:51:01 GMT  
 Showing a custom toolbar band (in IE) after installation

To resolve this issue, you may use Browser Helper Object. After
registration, when IE starts, it will automatically load BHO. BHO inherit
IObjectWithSiteImpl. We can override IObjectWithSiteImpl<>::SetSite, and
add such code:

CComVariant var_band("{669695BC-A811-4A9D-8CDF-BA8C795F261C}");      
CComVariant var_show(true);    

NOTE: I assume {669695BC-A811-4A9D-8CDF-BA8C795F261C} is the tool bands'
GUID. m_spWebBrowser2 is the IWebBrowser2 object point.

Using the above method, after you register (install) the tool bands and
BHO, when users starts IE, the customized tool bar can show automatically
and the check option under the View menu can also be set as true. You may
add some options for customers to determine if the BHO will be always used.

For more information about BHO, please refer to:


Sat, 21 Feb 2004 19:53:55 GMT  
 Showing a custom toolbar band (in IE) after installation
IWebBrowser2::ShowBrowserBar method works only on objects with component
category CATID_InfoBand, but not on Toolbar Bands. I know that IE is storing
its settings in registry (where else), but in binary mode, so it would be
very tricky to edit this setting and unsafe, cause future versions would use
other ways to save settings.

Thanks, Mitja Semolic

Tue, 24 Feb 2004 05:28:08 GMT  
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