Read/Write Properties During Design Time, but Read-Only During Run-Time 
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 Read/Write Properties During Design Time, but Read-Only During Run-Time

Hi All,

You may have heard of HasDC property present on some of the VB
controls. This property allows you to have controls with a dedicated
DC during its lifetime. It is a simple True/False property that you
set in VB when you design your App. However, this property becomes
Read-only during run-time. How is something like this acomplished?


Sun, 01 Feb 2004 10:02:10 GMT  
 Read/Write Properties During Design Time, but Read-Only During Run-Time

To accomplish this requirement in VB, this article can help you:

Creating Design-Time-Only, Run-Time-Only, or Read-Only Run-Time Properties

If you want to do this in VC, please use CComControl::GetAmbientUserMode
(BOOL& bUserMode ). This method retrieves DISPID_AMBIENT_USERMODE. This
flag indicates whether the container is in run-mode, TRUE, or design-mode,
FALSE. According to the bUserMode value, you can make a property be
read-only at run time.


Sun, 01 Feb 2004 18:06:56 GMT  
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