problem accesing ORacle Using ADO in MTS 
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 problem accesing ORacle Using ADO in MTS

     i have an ATL com APartment Thread DLL to access my
ORACLE databae. i have used ADO inside my dll  to access ORACLE .
i have created ADODB.Connection and ADODB.Recordset object
inside my dll as IPROC_SERVER only. Now i have put my DLL into
the MTS, and registered as Server . Now when i try to call my DLL from the
remote server, i am getting error message from the ODBC Driver.
I have used Microsoft Odbc for Oracle Driver.  The Error message is,
"[Microsoft][ODBC Driver Manager]Driver's SQLSetConnectAttr failed".

if i use ORACLE ODBC Driver, it says " [Oracle][ODBC]MTS Support Not
available , could not load ORAMTS.DLL" . Currently in my machine i don't
have this dll. Where it will be avilable..? do i need to reinstall any of my
ODBC software.

If i use my Dll, without registring into MTS, or if launch the dll as
mode , it is working fine.

Can someone help to to solve this issue.

Thanks and Regards,
Thalaiapan S

Sun, 14 Mar 2004 18:22:42 GMT  
 problem accesing ORacle Using ADO in MTS
Hi Thalaiappan,

Thanks for using Microsoft products.

ODBC drivers often return non-fatal, informational connection messages to
the client as part of the connection process. The return code out of
SQLConnect or SQLDriverConnect is 1 (SQL_SUCCESS_WITH_INFO), indicating
that the connection was successful, but additional information has been
Q197459 PRB: ADO 2.0 and Later Return Connection Messages to Browser

Also, note that the MS DTC service should be running on the MTS machine and
the Oracle machine and that the MTS service on both machines needs to
communicate in both directions.  Also, it is recommended that the MTS
versions be the same between the two machines.

The following KB articles are also helpful:
Q193893 INFO: Using Oracle with MTS and COM+

Q191168 INFO: Failed to Enlist on Calling Object's Transaction

Hope this information helps.

Best Regards,


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Mon, 15 Mar 2004 21:11:18 GMT  
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