ATL Full Control - mouse activation problems in Composite Control 
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 ATL Full Control - mouse activation problems in Composite Control


i've developed an ATL Full control that functions
correctly on, e. g., a VB Form.

If I use this Full Control in a Composite control by
using "Insert ActiveX control..." of the dialog editor
und compile this composite control DLL, then there's the
following problem:

When this composite control is, e. g., placed on a VB
form, the Full Control within the Composite control
cannot be activated correctly by mouse any longer,
meaning: If a e. g. a button has the focus and the Full
Control inside the Composite control is clicked, the Full
Control _seems_ to get the focus, but the buttons
LostFocus event _is not_ fired and the button still has a
black border.

But if I insert the Full Control that I want to use in a
Composite Control on a VB UserControl, there absolutely
no problem - everything functions correctly.

If I insert an ActiveX Control that was created with VB
on my Composite control, this VB created control can be
activated by mouse correctly - no problem.
But why this isn't the case with an ActiveX control (Full
control) created with ATL?

I'm really stuck for weeks now, this is really getting on
my nerves...

Perhaps somebody has a solution or explanation for this.

thx & cu

Sat, 10 Sep 2005 21:48:26 GMT  
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