CAxWindow for hosting ActiveX Controls 
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 CAxWindow for hosting ActiveX Controls


I have written an ATL ActiveX Component, which is a Grid. In the Grid, you
can use different "Edit Controls" (ATL ActiveX Controls) to Edit the Cells
of the Grid. The Editcontrols are inserted by the following class:

class CAxWindowMcEdit : public CAxWindow
    ..... // standard, only added the ProgID


Now there is the problem: I need to know, if one of the editcontrols get's
the focus or looses it (for changing my skins).

The CAxWindow creates a CAxHostWindow which implements IOleClientSite
including OnFocus (get/loose focus). Is there any posibility to receive this
message? or what my I do for beeing notified of Set/KillFocus???



Mon, 09 Aug 2004 23:04:11 GMT  
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