MMC Snapin, refresh prob. 
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 MMC Snapin, refresh prob.

Hi all,
 I'm working on a snapin. I've a node in scope pane say
ScopeNode which contains nodes that are only displayed in
Result pane. Now i have added a right click menu for
ScopeNode that has "Add New Node". The problem is that how
can i refresh the list of result pane items after adding
new node. The code for menu handler is as follows:

If anybody could help me, i'll be very grateful.
 Thanks in adv.

HRESULT CScopeNode::OnNewNode(bool& bHandled,
CSnapInObjectRootBase* pObj)
        bHandled = true;
        CMyDlg dlg;  //A dlg that adds new Record to DB
        HRESULT hr = S_FALSE;
        //Now the record inserted in DB, how do i
//refresh the Result view to show new record too??.
        return hr;


Mon, 12 Jul 2004 17:39:52 GMT  
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