newbie trouble: CoCreateInstance Error + IWebBrowser trouble... 
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 newbie trouble: CoCreateInstance Error + IWebBrowser trouble...

   I buy and start reading the book "Mastering COM and COM+" from Ash
Rofail and Yasser Shohound
(ISBN 0-7821-2384-8). Then I download the sourcecode from
(downloads | code 2384 )

   But I have a problem: I cant run/call your COM Servers (starting in
cap2). I complile well the server
(SecurityMgr for example), and the client (MFCTestClient) but I get in
trouble in
the CoCreateInstance() call.

   I change in StdAfx.h (from SecurityMgr project) the #define
#define _WIN_DCOM
   MFCTestClient still don't work: I'm getting the "Could not create
instance","Error in CoCreateInstance"
MesgBox from CMFCTestClientDlg::OnButton1Click();

   My system is running Win98 (Not SE) with Internet Explorer 5.0
Visual Studio 6.0 Enterprise (with SP3) and DCOM turn on.

   BTW, I insert the Microsoft Web Browser
(C:\windows\system\shdocvw.dll) in the
ActiveX Control Test Container just fine, but i don't have sucess trying
to display
any web page inside it. when i change left or top properties all works
fine but when
i try to navegate (filling all arguments right) it don't work.
   For example, GoHome method gives me an Unspecified exception (with
Unspecified exception source).
(and i was not in Design mode). With Acrobat Control for ActiveX, I read
an pdf inside
the Test Container well.
   What is wrong ? what can i do ? Please help.


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Sun, 17 Nov 2002 03:00:00 GMT  
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