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 WTL bug found

Greetings everybody,
  I thing WTL is very good software & I use it more than four months.
However, I found out a bug and I wonder whether somebody could help me ;-).
  It's very easy to simulate the bug - just use the Wizard and create MDI
Application. Then leave all the rest by default.
  The Wizard will generate the sources and you could compile them.
  You could start the Application. Then choose File/New and you will see
first child window.
  And comes the problem:
You could see that child window has its own Maximize/Minimize and Close
buttons at its upper right corner. But if you maximize the child it loses
its own buttons. It must show its own buttons on the menu bar, just below
main window buttons. That is the regular behavior. It's very inconvenient,
because you hardly manipulate the child window since that. I must notice
that this behavior of MDI child window appears ONLY if you have ReBar. If
you create WTL MDI interface without ReBar (you could uncheck the option
when use the Wizard), everything is fine, however you lose functionality
  The bug is essential and I thing it will be nice if somebody could fix it
( or tell us how to do that ;-) ).


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Fri, 07 Nov 2003 20:55:14 GMT  
 WTL bug found

  it's a known issue. Nenad Stefanovic, who is working on the WTL (for
Microsoft), said in some message (Yahoo eGroup):

"Unfortunately, command bar doesn't fully support MDI. Buttons are not
supported, and that is the reason that they are missing. You will find a
little note about it in atlctrlw.h, line 716. More MDI support will be added
in future releases."


"The easiest way to avoid this problem is not to use command bar for MDI
apps - just deselect it in the App Wizard."


Sat, 08 Nov 2003 13:28:45 GMT  
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