Holding a list within a transactional MTS component 
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 Holding a list within a transactional MTS component


I'm writting a transactional MTS component in C++ (under W2k). For various
reason, I need to keep a list of activity within the component. This will be
a simple list that will hold some IDs of past activities we had during the
current life of the component.

I could write a dedicated non transactional object or use the Shared
Property Manager (SPM).
However, I do not see a reason of creating a new component for this simple
task and I want to use a STL list (SPM exposes a variant).

So my question is the following:
Is there any drawback of declaring a static STL list in my transactional
component and securing access to this list?
In this way, it should be valid while the DLL is loaded.
Read/write access will be done whenever a call is made to the component.


Thu, 04 Dec 2003 00:54:13 GMT  
 Holding a list within a transactional MTS component
Platform SDK->COMPLUS_MTS newsgroup is a better place.


Fri, 05 Dec 2003 21:38:17 GMT  
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