Singleton not a singleton? 
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 Singleton not a singleton?

CtspData.exe is a LOCAL_SERVER COM server that serves one object: Param, a
singleton COM object that implements an outgoing interface,
_IParamEvents.  It also implements a dispatch interface, IParam, that
has two methods that simply fire events on the outgoing interface.

My problem only occurs when another LOCAL_SERVER, CtspDispMapBroker.exe
creates an instance of Param and connects to its outgoing interface
_IParamEvents. Afterward, when my service starts CtspData to
create a reference to Param (via CoCreateInstance), for some unknown
reason, a new process is created (there are 2 CtspData.exe instances
viewablefrom Taskmgr.exe) and events fired on the
outgoing interface (_IParamEvents) are NOT recieved by CtspDispMapBroker.
However, If my service creates the Param object first, all is OK:
There is only ONE instance of the process CtspData.exe and events are
received by CtspDispMapBroker.
Is this a bug or a design characteristic?  Any help is greatly

Thu, 27 Nov 2003 09:48:21 GMT  
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