IS it necessary for MTS object tp support aggregation 
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 IS it necessary for MTS object tp support aggregation

A newbie to MTS and I am kind of confused right now.
I created two MTS objects and installed them in COM+ catalog on Win2K Adv
server. One is marked as "Requires New Xaction: and the second one is marked
as "Transaction Required". Both the objects have been created as ATL objects
with support for MTS. So there is implementation of IObjectContext
interface. From the MFC lcient aplication, i am able to create the first
object. the COM+ explorer shows that object has been activated. This object
creates the second object through IObjectContext interface by calling
CreateInstance methos. I get the error message "Class does not support
aggregation (or class is remote).". The same error is thrown at me if I
activate the Object Pooling for first object in COM+ catalog.

Could someone plase help me in clarifying this point? And what am i doing


Wed, 28 Jan 2004 06:29:25 GMT  
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