CBindStatusCallback<>::Download & IObjectWithSite 
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 CBindStatusCallback<>::Download & IObjectWithSite

Hello everyone,

I am trying to asyncrhronously download a file from an ATL ActiveX
Control.  Everything works when I implement IOleClientSite and
CComControl in my control.

But...if I instead implement IObjectWithSite, things don't work.
IE calls my SetSite() method and passes me "m_spUnkSite".  I pass
this value into CBindStatusCallback<>::Download as the 4rth parameter.
The failure scenario is simply that my onData function never gets

Is it possible to use CBindStatusCallback<>::Download
with IObjectWithSite...or do I HAVE to implement IOleClientSite??
I've also tried to pass in NULL rather than m_spIOleClientSite
and the failure mode is the same...I simply never get called.

How is the 4rth parameter used?

Below is some pertinent code...

ANY help would be GREATLY appreciated!!



Inside IObjectWithSite::SetSite()
   // QueryInterface for IOleClientSite
   m_spIOleClientSite = m_spUnkSite;
   ASSERT( m_spIOleClientSite );

Inside another method
   CComBSTR oURLGetEXE = " http://www.*-*-*.com/ ;;
   CBindStatusCallback<myclass>::Download( this,
                                             FALSE );

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