HELP!! Automation Error 
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 HELP!! Automation Error

I initially built a COM in-process server using the Visual C++ (v6
sp5) wizards. This was then converted so that it was possible to build
an in-process or out-of-process server depending on the requirements.
Both of these can be successfully used in Windows NT.
I have recently migrated to a Windows 2000 operating system, and
whilst the in-process server works without any problems attempting to
instanciate an object using the out-of-process server generates the
following error:

"Run-time Error '-2147220999 (800401f9)': Automation Error - Error In
The DLL"

I have rebuilt the server within the Windows 2000 environment, and
registered using the /reserver key but with no success. Has anyone got
any ideas?

Sat, 30 Apr 2005 00:12:10 GMT  
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