ISupportErrorInfo - thread resurrection 
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 ISupportErrorInfo - thread resurrection

Sorry for resurfacing this subject, but I think the old thread has already
been buried.

Basically all of my classes use OLEDB. Meaning that the functions use
accessories and stuff. Now an example:

STDMETHODIMP CHierarchy2::Load(long root,...) {

        //testing here
        CEntError::Instance().setError(L"does vb get this?");
        return -244154534;


This works fine. In vb err.description = "does vb get this?" Unfortunately
that was only a test scenario meaning in that in my real code the function
implementation is not that trivial. Keeping this in mind, revisited

STDMETHODIMP CHierarchy2::Load(long root...) {

    //OLEDB code here... as well as some object logic code.

    //once finish try to set and return an error just for testing purposes,
even though the code (omitted) above was succesfully executed.
    CEntError::Instance().setError(L"does vb get this?");
    return -244154534;


Now vb gives me this: err.description = "Automation error"

What gives? Is OLEDB calling SetErrorInfo and resetting it or what? Any

Thank you,

Sat, 02 Apr 2005 19:53:11 GMT  
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