ATL C++ control using MapPoint ActiveX control 
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 ATL C++ control using MapPoint ActiveX control


I want to be able to create a composite control containing a MapPoint 2002
control, plus a few other buttons using ATL 3.
So far I have failed to get it to work.

Firstly, Visual Studio 6 & VS .net put a whole load of data in the .rc file
that causes the ATL framework to blow up at:


doing a memcpy copy in ATL 3 and under vs .net  the function call (some
strange pointer to a function) fails during creation of the dialog.

After I manually hack the .rc file to remove all the embedded DLGINIT data,
execution gets past that problem.

The next problem is that the call to NewMap() causes an assertion in
OnInPlaceActivate() because the control already has been activated.
Does any one have a simple a working ATL example or any idea how to work
around this OnInPlaceActivate() re-activation problem?



Mon, 03 Oct 2005 05:13:10 GMT  
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