Domain problems when hosting webbrowser with ATL 
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 Domain problems when hosting webbrowser with ATL

I'm having problems with hosting the webbrowser control in my WTL

If I change the IE security setting for 'Navigate sub-frames across
different domains' (see below) to 'Disable', all links that have a
target=_self, etc. stop working. I don't get a BeforeNavigate2 even as

For example, loading up http://www.*-*-*.com/ and clicking on any of
the links doesn't navigate to the url being clicked upon (they set
<base href= http://www.*-*-*.com/ ; in the page). Changing
the setting to be 'Prompt' brings up a warning box from the control.
It seems that the original URL is loaded in an empty domain.

If I create a test application using MFC (or Delphi) however, it works
fine and I get no prompts. An ATL activex control (web control) or a
C#/VB.NET application also have the same problems. This happens on
Win2k and XP Pro using Do I need to implement some interface
that MFC is implementing by default?

Anyone run into this problem and worked around it?

thanks in advance,


To duplicate this problem, create a WTL application (or activex web
control) using the wizard and change the initial page to be
http://www.*-*-*.com/ . Then change the IE settings for 'Navigate
sub-frames across different domains' to be 'Prompt' (below) and click
on any of the links on the page of the sample app. You'll then get a
prompt asking 'Allow sub-frames to navigate across different domains'.
If you repeat this using a MFC app instead, you will not get any
prompt and IE will navigate to the URL.

To set the IE flag: 'Navigate sub-frames across different domains'

Click Start, point to Settings, click Control Panel, and then
double-click Internet.
Click the Security tab.
Under "Select a Web content zone to specify its security settings,"
click Internet.
Click Custom Level.
Under "Navigate sub-frames across different domains," click Disable.
Click OK.

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