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How can I open a connection using Open method of a CDataSource class and a
connection string ONLY? For now the only way I'm able to open a connection is
if I manualy prepare CDBPropSet and then pass it to the Open method. However, I
can not hardcode these values for the project goes thru dev, QA etc. environments
where these values change. Connection string (passed to me from a client) is the
only information I get. Do I have to parse this connection string and extract
individual values w/ which I can populate CDBPropSet?  

I looked at OpenFromInitializationString method but is the initialization string
the same as connection sting? Connection failed when I plugged in regular
connection string in there. What the hell is this "initialization string"? Is
there something OLE DB that would allow me to connect to a data source as easily
as good ol' ADO connection string?

Tue, 28 Oct 2003 04:59:23 GMT  
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