Attributed ATL and ATLAdvise 
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 Attributed ATL and ATLAdvise

I am new to Attributed ATL, and am trying to receive events via a
connection point (specifically, I am writing a Browser Helper Object,
and want to receive DWebBrowserEvents2).  When I call ATLAdvise with
an Attributed ATL Project, I get the HRESULT of 0x80040202, which
corresponds to EVENT_S_NOSUBSCRIBERS.  I should note that when I
create a standard ATL project, ATLAdvise returns S_OK and I receive
events through IDispatch::Invoke as expected.

I understand that the event handling mechanisms have been simplified
in Attributed ATL, but I am not sure how to handle this particular
situation, especially given the fact that I don't have access to a
concrete events interface.

I have two questions:

1)      How can I receive DWebBrowserEvents2 in my Attributed ATL object?


2)      Where can I find more information on Attributed ATL (syntax and so

Thanks in advance for your help!
David Brownell

Thu, 23 Sep 2004 02:28:56 GMT  
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