IXMLDOMNodeList across process boundaries? 
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 IXMLDOMNodeList across process boundaries?

Are there any known issues with passing IXMLDOMNodeList** across process
boundaries?  I have an IIS extension that creates an CLSCTX_LOCAL_SERVER
object and then calls a method on the object and passes a ptr to
IXMLDOMNodeList* to be filled in using a query string.  The query works,
and the IXMLDOMNodeList* is returned, but when the IIS extension tries
to access members, it accvio's.  I've worked around by doing the
processing in the same proc that does the query, and returning a
SAFEARRAY of resulting strings.  

Ed Pfromer

Sat, 06 Mar 2004 22:19:46 GMT  
 IXMLDOMNodeList across process boundaries?
Hi Ed,

Thanks for using Microsoft products.

1.      MSXML does not support cross-process marshaling. When marshalling
IXMLDOMNodeList interface, the AV will occur. The general recommendation is
not to use MSXML interfaces cross-process. Any alternative is to persist
your XML to a buffer and then reload it in the new process. This may also
be a good practice for performance sake.  
2.      MSXML support inter-apartment in-process marshaling. The apartment model
objects *can* be used from multiple threads, just only from one thread at a
3.      If you install Platform SDK, please find the XMLDOM.IDL file. In the
Interface header attributes, the IXMLDOMNodeList is marked as local, it
indicates that this interface is not remotable and no stubs will be

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Mon, 08 Mar 2004 09:24:50 GMT  
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