Tab not working properly in control 
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 Tab not working properly in control

I know this is a bit of a dead horse beating, but some of the solutions
scattered about the Internet haven't worked for me...

I've got an OCX created in VB6 -- it contains some buttons and 2 edit
controls. The control was inserted on a dialog resource in an ATL app. So
far, Tab seems to be the ONLY accelerator not working. Enter, Delete,
Backspace, arrow keys, Home and End all function as expected.

I tried adding some code from The Code Project
( http://www.*-*-*.com/ ), but that didn't
help matters. I also overrode (is that a word?) RunMessageLoop and added
some IsDialogMessage calls, as suggested in an MSKB article. No difference.

Someone suggest calling PreTranslateMessage or TranslateMessage, but I'm a)
not sure where this call would go in my app and b) not sure what exactly I'd
put in there. :^)

Advice appreciated,
greg norz

Sun, 02 Jan 2005 00:01:13 GMT  
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