Accessing DCOm ActiveX Exe remotely - Event handling 
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 Accessing DCOm ActiveX Exe remotely - Event handling

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Check if you've disabled security in the client by calling
CoInitializeSecirity right after you initialize the COM library.

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> I am developing a DCOM ActiveX Exe(not service) using ATL
> COM Wizard.I declared an exposed method and an Event in
> the Exe.
> I made a MFC Dialog based application(Client) and using
> CCmdTarget implemented the event.The event is being
> catched correctly in the local machine when I run Client
> and Server on same machine but when I run the server
> remotely, the client does not catch the event fired by
> Server. Is there some setting required to do so.
> It gives a message box saying "Switch To and retry -
> Server busy".
> I am attaching the Client and Server with this message.

> Thanks in advance
> Shilpi

Sun, 24 Jul 2005 03:20:36 GMT  
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