Simpler way of doing things in VC7 ATL? 
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 Simpler way of doing things in VC7 ATL?

I just started to move my COM+ code to VC7 and
have these simple questions (pls bear with me as I'm
learning many new things)

1. I want to pull all the CLSIDs of all classes
    in the project.  In VC6, I did it with
    WinAPI CLSIDFromProgID()
    Is there a simpler way in VC7 since all CLSIDs
    are right there in the class header file?
    I know that I could get the CLSID of the current
    object using GetObjectCLSID(), but I don't want
    to instantiate all other classes just to read their CLSIDs.

2. Also, I want to get the userid of the caller.  In VC6
    I had to resort to things like ISecurityProperty and
    complicated struct like PSID, etc.  Is there a simpler
    way in VC7?


Thu, 05 Feb 2004 14:19:24 GMT  
 Simpler way of doing things in VC7 ATL?
Development Tools->.NET development is a better place for this kind of


Sat, 07 Feb 2004 14:47:26 GMT  
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