DCOM Server - With User Defined Datatype - Crashes! 
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 DCOM Server - With User Defined Datatype - Crashes!


I have a DCOM server(EXE) built with the ATL-COM AppWizard. I have added a
custom interface IInfo and added some methhods to it.The methods which have
out values as long* or BSTR* work fine with correct values. But when i
included my own structure;

typedef struct tag_CLIENTINFO {

 TCHAR szClientName[32];
 TCHAR szClientIP[32];
 TCHAR szClientMAC[32];


[helpstring("method HelloServer")] HRESULT HelloServer([out] LPDWORD
lpdwNumber, [out] LPCLIENTINFO lpClientInfo);

as a parameter to a method, whenever i call this method from the client
program it either crashes or throws an excetion with a failed HRESULT, with
no proper values

what is the problem here? is there any problem in passing user defined
strutures, do we need to do custom marshalling for this?

pls help!

Wed, 09 Nov 2005 20:21:01 GMT  
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