problem with CreateThread in the InProc server. 
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 problem with CreateThread in the InProc server.

I am creating a Inproc com object.
The object is supposed to multiple threads.
I use CreateThread for creating thread.
Each thread has a correspondinf event.
I am new to Multi threading & my code would reflect that.
I have the following questions.
1) Why should one not use WaitForSingleobject in the ThreadProc.
2) Would it work if WaitForSingleObejct is replace by
3) Is it a bad idea to have multiple thread in an inrpoc component.
I am attaching the code, please all gurus guide me.
Function to create threads.
BOOL CSendMail::Initialize()
    for (int i = 0; i < m_lThreads; i++)
      pSession[i].m_pObj = this;
      pSession[i].m_hEvent = CreateEvent(NULL, FALSE, FALSE, "");
      pSession[i].m_hThread = CreateThread(NULL, 0, &DeliveryThreadProc,
        0, &pSession[i].m_lThreadID );
The non-working threadProc
DWORD WINAPI DeliveryThreadProc(void* pv)
 CSendMail::SessionData* pS = (CSendMail::SessionData*)pv;
 CSendMail* pObj = pS->m_pObj;
HRESULT hr = CoInitialize(NULL);
 while (AtlWaitWithMessageLoop( pS->m_hEvent)) // The thread exist with a
status code of 0.
 return 0;


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